Monday, December 15, 2014

Howard Eynon - So What If I'm Standing In Apricot Jam

People who pay attention to dogs fuss and fawn over the purebreds, often those from breeds recently featuring in a movie.  But as a long-time dog lover I firmly believe that the most rewarding interactions are with the shaggy, undefinable mixed breeds.  They have the personality, intelligence, emotional resources and willingness to please that earns the 'title man's best friend'.  And I suggest that sometimes music is a bit the same way.  The more rewarding listens can be the shaggy, out-of-left-field and previously overlooked recordings.  And that brings us to Howard Eynon and his So What If I'm Standing In Apricot Jam.

A UK born Australian, Eynon was an actor and musician.  His guitar playing and singing on stage prompted an invitation to go into the studio.  The result was So What If I'm Standing In Apricot Jam, his sole recorded output.  We can be completely honest with each other -- the title suggests that the music could be a bit on the oddball side.  Let me assure you, our instinct is not completely off base.  However, while the music clearly reflects the sensibilities of an artist accustomed to theatrical performances, and perhaps mind-expanding experiences, it also reflects a talented songwriter and performer that will have you drawing comparisons to Kevin Ayers, Syd Barrett, Donovan and Nick Drake.  It is a wacky but substantial and rewarding ride through Enyon's imagination, with poetry, characters and meta commentary on the proceedings.  Overall, the collection is witty and whimsical, but never slipshod.

We have included streams of several songs below for your evaluation.  I recommend all of them, but if you only have time for two, don't miss "Happy Song" or the perfect end-of-the-day tune "Now's the Time".

This album originally was released in 1974.  Earth Recordings has resurrected it and we are thrilled they did.  It is available on CD, black vinyl, and limited edition apricot colored vinyl.  Probably the best way to obtain the album is via Fire Records (link below).  By the way, in addition to his work in theatre, Eynon had small roles in Mad Max and The Man From Snowy River.  As a musical performer, he toured briefly with Hunter S. Thompson.

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