Friday, December 12, 2014

Love Sport - Gol!! EP

The tendency of indie rockers to have more than one project going at a time hasn't missed Finland, and we, the listeners, are the winners.  Aki, Mikko, Petri, and Teemu, members of other Finnish bands Hopeajarvi, Lady Escape, Big Wave Riders and Black Twig, have teamed up in Love Sport.  The alert folks with the cultured ears at Helsinki's Soliti Music secured the honor releasing their debut record, the Gol!! EP.  It is an intriguing introduction, with five tracks spanning the spectrum of psychedelic guitar pop.  It begins with the tangled, swaggering blast of "Well..Shit".   Other tracks, such as "Goodbye Brains" and "Pink Rhumba", provide a dreamier track reminiscent of the first album from Avi Buffalo. Good stuff, and we hope that an album is in their future.

The Gol!! EP is available now as a digital download and, for those who collect such artifacts, cassette.

Soliti Music

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