Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Machines in Heaven - Hindu Milk EP

Earlier this year Scottish electronic wizards Machines in Heaven released a fine album named bordersbreakdown.  But the creative juices clearly continue to flow, and the Glasgow band is sending us into the holiday season with the five-track Hindu Milk EP.  On the EP, the aptly named three-piece continues to deliver divine electronic compositions that marry accessible melodies, dance-worthy grooves and creative flourishes.  They eschew the impatient choice of going for the big statement early in the songs, but rather let the tracks build and reveal themselves in layers.  To me, it speaks of well-placed self-confidence and results in a rewarding listen.  I've provided two tracks below for your evaluation, but you can stream the entire EP here as well.

Machines in Heaven are Davey Gwynne (production/guitar/synth/vocals), Greg Hurst (production/synths), Connor Reid (production/guitar/synths).  Hindu Milk is out now via Hotgem Records, and available from most digital outlets.

Hotgem Records

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