Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Dirt Dress - Revelations EP

The Revelations EP consists of four tracks of upbeat, forward-pushing post punk from Los Angeles' Dirt Dress.  The guitar, bass and drums are fleshed out with synths, and the harder edged approach of prior efforts now has a bit more pop and gloss.  All four songs are very good, but the centerpiece is the title track.   "Revelations" is a bubbling, earworm of a pop rock song that digs into your brain and won't let go.  Stream the Soundcloud link for the track below or watch the video.  If you like it, stream the EP a bit further down the post.

Stream the full EP here --

Dirt Dress are Noah (guitar/vocals), Jose (bass), Sasami Ashworth (guitar/synth), and Tabor Allen (drums).

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