Monday, December 8, 2014

Nicholas Krgovich - On Sunset

Vancouver-raised, LA-based Nicholas Krgovich is a multi-instrumentalist and pop songwriter with formidable gifts -- gifts that he has provided to various projects with other musicians.  On Sunset is different than those past efforts.  This is his album, albeit his album with the contributions of talented friends, centered around his new city and telling its stories.  And like the city, Krgovich delivers with a wide scope, from the surging "The Backlot", to the slick R&B of "City of Night", to the gentle piano-driven ballad "Let's Take the Car Out", to the dreamy orchestral pop of "Rock's Dream", to the electro-funk of "You're Through".  If I had to use one phrase to describe the music, I'd say "it sparkles".  The hooks, the melodies, and the pictures evoked by the lyrics combine to suggest twinkling lights, compelling characters and a sense of place.  There is experimentation as well, but it never overwhelms the melody.

LA is a place where you can get lost, or find redemption.  But there is no risk to getting lost in this album.  Redemption is up to you. On Sunset is self-released, and is available at the Bandcamp link below.

Bandcamp for On Sunset

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