Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Luke Saxton - Sunny Sadness

Well, we all can do only what we can do, but UK singer songwriter Luke Saxton is making some of us look more than a bit lazy.  Apparently he started writing songs at age 7, and at his current age of 19 he has 24 albums and 400 songs to his credit.  His latest record is Sunny Sadness, which also is his first official release.   An early influence on Luke's songwriting was Harry Nilsson, and his music continues to reflect the emphasis on careful songcraft and '60s pop arrangements.  With doses of sunshine and melody, and sophisticated but restrained production touches, the listener could wonder whether this is a current release or the discovery of a long lost gem.  If you are looking for some gentle music, this is one to check out.

The album is out now via Bad Paintings and Luke's local record store, the Inkwell.  So most of you without ready access to the Inkwell should hit the Bad Paintings link provided below.

Bad Paintings' order page for album

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