Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Temporary, a Dunedin Sampler from Fishrider Records

Supporting emerging music is what we do here, so we are very happy to see a project like Temporary.  The simple concept is to showcase young talent from the fertile music scene of Dunedin, New Zealand.  Dunedin, the second largest city on New Zealand's south island, has a population of about 126,000 and a rich rock music tradition.  The foundations of that reputation were laid by bands such at The Clean, The Bats, The Chills, The Verlaines, and Toy Love.  However, the focus here is on current bands, emerging talent that deserve to have their voices heard.

The collection is curated by Ian Henderson, a kindred spirit who in addition to being the Global CEO of Dunedin's Fishrider Records, devotes his time, money, production skills, engineering skills, drumming, driving, vehicle and even his basement to aid the dreams of aspiring musicians.  The music here is a diverse offering of musical styles from jangle pop to darkwave, and previously has appeared on various releases from several different labels.  The common denominator is that it is good, and fresh.  Fishrider's Bandcamp page currently makes two tracks available to stream, "All Over the World" by The Prophet Hens and "Winded" by Kane Strang.  However, I want to reveal the overall strength of the album, so I also included the songs from Mavis Gary and Death and the Maiden (I hope Ian forgives me for grabbing an embed from prior releases of the songs).

I'm a big fan of this release. Most of the bands are familiar to me and have featured on these pages over the past couple of years.  Some were welcome new discoveries.  However, new to you or not, this collection represents your only chance to get a representative song from all of these bands.  The release is available in vinyl or CD or formats, and come with a collectible DIY zine including photos, art and other items created by the bands.  In an inspired move, Fishrider has avoided high import prices for the American market by partnering with New York label Ba Da Bing Records.  Temporary is available for pre-order now from Fishrider's Bandcamp page or Ba Da Bing, links for both are provided below.  It eventually will be available in Europe from British label Occultation.

Fishrider Records
Ba Da Bing order page
Ba Da Bing Records

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