Sunday, August 10, 2014

"Fools Gold Rush" from The Naysayers

We are unabashed fans of garage rock here at WYMA, so we are always happy to feature it on the blog.  And it doesn't matter where it's from.  As long as it is well done, greasy, lo-fi, nuggety garage rock, it is welcome.  Today's contribution is from Melbourne's The Naysayers.  Astute readers might remember that we featured their Dee Eye Why EP last September (here).   The happy news is that the band has just released the two-track "Fools Gold Rush" single, and it is available at Bandcamp for "name your price".  The title track is good old fashioned garage rock bashing.  The second track, "Molotov Fairytale", has more of a pop feel, although decidedly still in the band's lo-fi, DIY groove.  We think everyone should have some of The Naysayers in their collection, and these tracks prove us right.

The members of the band are Nathaniel Parbery (vocals/bass), Gordon Holland (vocals/guitar), Simon Gemmill (drums), and Harrie Kingston (guitar/vocals).

Bandcamp for "Fools Gold Rush"

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