Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Introducing: Aldous Harding

I expect that not many outside of New Zealand have heard of Aldous Harding, the recording/performing name of Hanna Claynails Harding, or of Lyttelton Records, the label that released her recent debut LP Stop Your Tears.  But if "Hunter" is an example of Harding's art, the anonymity is a greater loss to the world than it is to the artist or label.  The daughter of two musicians, young Hannah was discovered by New Zealand country artists Ben and Delaney Davidson, and also received assistance from Anika Moa.  Harding tells gothic stories as folk songs.  Harding's stories are captivating, but I think the real star is her vocals -- well measured, mature and with the perfect emotional tones.  She can deliver a multi-textured musical experience with only her voice and acoustic guitar.  Further adorned with a fiddle and other instruments, and you have magic.  Let the haunting video for album track "Hunter" be your introduction to Aldous Harding, and then be on the lookout for more.

Lyttelton Records page for album

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