Saturday, August 30, 2014

The June Brides - She Seems Quite Free 7"

The June Brides are justifiably well-loved as one of the edgier C86-era jangle bands of the mid-80s, earning respect from fans, critics and peers.  But after an album and several singles and EPs, the group disbanded.  Frontman Phil Wilson released some solo material, and then withdrew from recording and performing for a couple of decades.  He returned to music in fine form in 2008 with the excellent LP for Slumberland, God Bless Jim Kennedy. The path has come full circle, and Phil and his recent collaborators Steve Beswick and Arash Torabi have now been joined by Phil's previous bandmates Simon Beesley, Frank Sweeney and Jon Hunter.  So, The June Brides ride again.  The reformed and rejuvenated Brides are now releasing the three-track single She Seems Quite Free.  The record consists of "Being There" and "She Seems Quite Free", both of which were written by Phil Wilson, and Simon Beesley's "I'm Undone".  Amazingly, they haven't lost a thing.  All three tracks are well written and the performances are excellent.  I suppose it could be helpful if I could choose a favorite, but I can't.  From the wistful jangle pop of the opener to the taut title track to the chugging melancholy of the closing song, I'd judge this to be a triple A-side single.  It seems to me that the pros are back in town.

She Seems Quite Free is available in North America from Slumberland, and in the UK/Europe from Occultation, see the links below.  The record is a digital download, but vinyl will be available as well and can be pre-ordered.

Slumberland Records page for EP
Occultation Records page for EP

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