Monday, August 25, 2014

"14 Years Young" from Food Court (free download)

When bands announce an upcoming record, you can be sure that they hope you remember.  Otherwise there wouldn't be any point.  Well, Australian garage rockers Food Court have announced that they will release their Big Weak EP in early November.  Are potential buyers going to remember?  I expect that the name of the band helps with a certain demographic.  They go to the mall, they get hungry, and they decide to go to the food court.  Hah! There is the reminder that the EP is coming.  But sometimes you need something more.

Well, Food Court has that something more.  They are giving away "14 Years Young", the first single off of Big Weak, as a free download on Bandcamp.  This indeed is the right stuff.  We download this raucous nugget of rock excellence, play it daily and remember, even crave, the EP.


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