Wednesday, August 6, 2014

REVIEW: The #1s - The #1s

Anyone interested in powerpop with great guitar licks, punk energy and a refreshing dose of brattyness?  Excellent -- a big show of hands!  I am all in for it myself.  And today it comes to us via Dublin's The #1s, who not only have delivered ten well crafted songs, but they have thoughtfully suggested a ranking for themselves in their name and their album title.  Of course, with a name like that one can't help but wonder whether they can live up to it.  After listening to The #1s a number of times over the last couple of weeks I will assure you that it lives up to my high standards.  The songs are fluid, with catchy hooks, plenty of bounce and lyrics that include the touchstones of quality writing from young songwriters: Humor; sentimentality; lust; and bravado.

You'll hear a bit of the Buzzcocks, The Undertones and The Exploding Hearts.  But to my ears The #1s seem more devoted to melody than those bands.  The result is songs that you are quite willing to play over and over as the hooks sink deeper into your brain.  The first four tracks all hit hard and fast, including single "Heartsmash" (stream below), but the boys show the ability to deliver a convincing slow song with "Girl", in the number five spot.  Then we are off to the races again with standout track "Sharon Shouldn't", and there is nothing close to a rest stop until the mid-tempo closer "Tell Me Why".  You likely will find yourself energized, alert, perhaps with an elevated heartbeat.  This is normal; you now have The #1s fever.  Get a drink of water, wipe your brow, and press repeat.  This one isn't leaving your player for a long time.

The #1s are Conor Lumsden (drums), Cian Nugent (bass), Eddie Kenrick (guitar) and Sean Goucher (guitar).  While they also play in other bands, I've grown fond of this one so I hope it continues to be a priority.

The #1s is released by Deranged Records.

Deranged Records

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