Monday, August 4, 2014

"My Only Friend" from Bad//Dreems

I find the music of Adelaide's Bad//Dreems to be thoroughly engaging.  It is melodic, unpretentious, aggressively energetic and a bit beer-soaked and sweat-stained (At least some of that reminds me of my undergraduate days, which is fine because the statute of limitations has run on all of that).  In September and October the band is playing dates in Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne and Adelaide before traveling to the United States in October to preform at CMJ in New York and Culture Collide LA in California.  In advance of that adventure, they have released "My Only Friend" via Ivy League Records.  With hints of the brand of guitar pop for which their New Zealand neighbors are justifiably famous, the track is a fine introduction to the joys of Bad//Dreems.

Bad/Dreems are Ben Marwe (vocals, guitar), Alex Cameron (guitar), James Bartold (bass) and Miles Wilson (drums).

Bad//Dreems previously released their Badlands EP on Mirador Records.  To help you evaluate the band, I've provided three of the tracks below.  "Too Old" includes some footage of that gentle brand of Australian football.


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