Wednesday, August 27, 2014

REVIEW: The Griswolds - Be Impressive

Be Impressive from The Griswolds is one of those albums that seems to have the ambition to live up to its name.  It has accessible melodies, big hooks, engaging choruses that invite you to sing along, solid rhythms with a touch of the tropical and tendency to provoke dancing, and energy to spare.  So, you ask, should I like it?  For my money, the answer is yes.  This is pop/rock that always has a place at the table.  Music doesn't need to have an edge, or a controversial point of view.  It can just be fun for those many, many listeners who want fun.  And Be Impressive is packed with an impressive amount of fun.  But more importantly, this debut album from four young Australians is about as smart and sharp as pop music can be.  And one of the many things I love about it is that you don't need huge studio budgets and teams of guest musician, hired hook specialists and beat producers to create music that you really, really want to hear when you turn on the radio or que up a playlist.

If you haven't heard The Griswolds, you might be inclined to think I'm overstating their case, so I invite you to take them for a test listen with their hit single from the album, "Beware the Dog".

The Griswolds seem to be on the right track for a long stay on the music scene, and they even have an appropriately named track to celebrate it.

The Griswolds are Christopher Whitehall (vocals/guitar), Daniel Duque-Perez (lead guitar), Tim John (bass) and Lachlan West (drums).  Be Impressive is out now via Wind Up Records

By the way, The Griswolds are in the United States now and you may be able to feed off of their energy at one of the remaining tour dates:
8/28 -- Albany, NY -- Hollow
8/29 -- Burlington, NY -- Higher Ground
8/30 -- Rochester, NY -- Montage Music Hall
9/3 -- Lansing, MI -- The Loft
9/5 -- Kansas City, KS -- Sporting Park
9/6 -- Tulsa, OK -- The Vanguard
The band will then resume touring in Australia.

Wind Up Records

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