Thursday, August 7, 2014

"Bluff" from Babaganouj

I love to suggest bands for you to keep your eye on.  Keep in mind that I make no pretense at accountability.  If you never hear of one of my recommendations again, at least you'll have heard a good song or two.  Not everyone has a career like the Rolling Stones where people pay to see your concerts after you've died ... Oops!  An intern just slipped me a note that the Stones are not, in fact, officially dead yet.  My mistake, but the point is that a band doesn't need to be famous, hooked up with a big label, or in the Hall of Fame to provide some joy for our lives.

With that preliminary business out of the way, I'd like to introduce you to a very promising guitar pop band from Brisbane, Australia.  They call themselves Babaganouj, and consist of two men and two women.  Their sound includes twee elements of classic C86 pop and a good measure of  '90s fuzz, but I hear a bit more sunshine from this band.  They previously have released an EP and a two-track 7", both of which are available to stream at the Bandcamp link below.  This is a convenient time to check out Babaganouj because they have just released "Bluff".  The song builds in a very satisfying fashion, and you may well agree with me that a lament about unrequited love never sounded quite this good before.


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