Tuesday, June 8, 2021

“Dark in Here” by The Mountain Goats

(Photo: Jade Wilson)

The Mountain Goats have shared the title track of their upcoming album, Dark in Here, and it's a big-sounding Western-themed guitar song that seems to be carrying the simple message (or threat), "be careful for what you ask for". Themes of gun battle, out of control explosions and dire warnings proceed in John Darnielle's deadpan delivery, over a Ennio Morricone-meets-country rock backdrop. There is a lot of power in this track, but paradoxically, I think, a lot of control too. The way Darnielle carefully enunciates the last word “some” in this phrase is really something:

Stack my ammunition, be ready when you come
You who thirst for action, I will give you some


They’ve shared three songs now. Each one rewards repeated plays; something is revealed each time. Recorded at FAME Studios in Muscle Shoals, this album is going to be something special. Out June 25 on Merge Records.

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