Friday, June 25, 2021

"The Poisoned Word" by Errant Boy


Edinburgh's Errant Boy has been a bit quiet for the past couple of years, but now has returned with the first of two singles planned for 2021. The band states that the two singles are "lyrically twinned", although they will be released a few months apart. This week brings us the first, the rocking, groove-heavy "The Poisoned Word". The serious theme rides the bouncing beat as the song continues to gather steam. One can imagine dancing to this one at an outdoor festival -- that is, if one is still young enough to dance when we have outdoor festivals again.

Errant Boy are Sean Ormsby (vocals/bass), Chris Harvie (guitar), and Sarrah McLaren (drums). "The Poisoned Word" is out now via Errant Media.



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