Wednesday, June 9, 2021

“95 Percent” by Split Single

(Photo by Joe Losurdo)

Jason Narducy’s supergroup power trio Split Single is back with another advance single from upcoming album Amplificado - here is “95 Percent”:

As with the previous song we shared, “Nothing You Can Do to End This Love”, they are playing at a breakneck pace, with drummer Jon Wurster and bassist Mike Mills laying down a rapid field of fire, on top of which Narducy’s pyrotechnics on guitar and vocals give a strong sense of his passion. Narducy shared some thoughts: “As a liberal person, I can get tripped up by my tendency towards empathy,” says Narducy. “Part of me wants to believe that politicians are earnest in their efforts to help all Americans even when I know they are not. So it can backfire when I get hesitant and confused but overall I think it's positive because I never fully trust ANY of them. I'm 95 percent committed and 95 percent suspicious. I'm also not good at math.” 

Amplificado on Vinyl/CD 

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