Tuesday, June 8, 2021

Pastel Coast - Sun

Sun, the new album by French band Pastel Coast is aural sunshine. 'Well', you might say, 'with that name, it should be'. OK, point granted. But we want to emphasize the we aren't talking any old sunny sounding music. We are talking about a set of songs that transports you to a beach on the French coast, with the impression of warm breezes and visions of lithe bathers and sailboats on the horizon. We are talking about shimmering guitars and lush, glossy synths that deliver a dose of vitamin D far in excess of the recommended daily dose. In our view, main man Quentin Isidore and his colleagues have crafted a perfect sub-genre of French beach pop.

Quite frankly, if you leave this album off of your summer playlist, you might as well admit that you are just waiting for next winter.

Sun is out in vinyl, digital and CD formats via Shelflife and Groover Obsessions.




Bandcamp for Sun

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