Friday, June 18, 2021

“I Can’t Wait” by Rodrigo Amarante

 Rodrigo Amarante has released another track ahead of his album Drama, due out next month. Contrasted with the previous one "Mare", which was a rollicking, multilayered, swinging track sung in Portuguese, this is a ballad sung in English, and it's beautiful. His voice suits either style - on this slower song he builds the emotion of anticipation ("that old dream of ours / our hearts beat as one / to be free is to belong") along with the melancholy sense of missing someone, or something we are all missing. In his words, "I wrote this song ... because Darwin's ideas are serving the purpose of turning ourselves against one another, because I believe freedom does not stem from independence, separation or disconnect as the dictionaries suggest, but rather from the acknowledgement of our interdependence, because freedom is belonging." 


 I especially love the way Amarante has used the first two single releases to showcase his talent in creating different musical styles within the same album. He sounds on top of his game in every way. You can preorder the album in several different formats, and explore other music at the sites below.

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