Friday, June 18, 2021

Corduroy - Corduroy


Corduroy is the sound of ringing reverbed guitars, cavernous drumming, spacious arrangements and dreamy vocals. The 8-track album is the self-titled release of a Swedish four-piece that seems to us has taken the '80s-'90s Manchester sound and reinvented it as a robust dream pop. And we think it sounds very good. We featured lead single "NLMN" a few weeks ago (link), so we've chosen two others to feature in this post. In truth, you can throw darts at the track list to pick songs, because the quality is just that consistent.

Corduroy is Amanda Wallin, Olle Rosén, Martin Boström and Serafim Kristjansson. The album is out now via VÅRØ.



Bandcamp for album

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