Sunday, June 6, 2021

Orange Paw - Orange Paw

Mara Williams of Melbourne bands The Pink Tiles and Pleather Purrs certainly has utilized her pandemic downtime more productively than many, commencing a solo project called Orange Paw and writing songs. The fruits of her efforts are nine charming lo-fi nuggets packaged into a self-titled debut album. And what a set of songs! You can hear the garage pop undercurrents of her other bands, but the additional elements make the tunes special. There is a '60s guitar pop vibe owing to the innocent and sincere vocals and the sound of the guitars. And while Mara's vocals are impressive on the uptempo tracks and sweet lullabies, one of our favorite songs us the romping retro instrumental "Runaway".

Orange Paw is an excellent debut album. In fact, it is an excellent album under any circumstances. And we hope that even when her other bands are recording and playing gigs, Mara keeps writing for her own project. If she does, we will be there to listen.

The album is out now digitally, and will be available in cassette format next month via Psychic Hysteria.


Bandcamp for album

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Thanks for making me aware of Orange Paw. Here is my take on this standout 2021 release: