Thursday, June 17, 2021

“Cumbia Divina” by Mitchum Yacoub


From California drummer and band leader Mitchum Yacoub via All-Town Sound, we have a rocking, swinging Afro / Latin track called "Cumbia Divina". This is a terrific song, a great combination of influences of Afrobeat and Cuban cumbia with what sounds like a bit of California psychedelic as well. On vocals is Divina Jasso. The song was originally an instrumental, but was reworked to include her voice. They cover a lot of ground in just about three and a half minutes - check it out:

Here's another track, "Cumbia De La Selva":
  The vinyl will be out August 13, but in the meantime spend some time exploring Yacoub's music and more from All-Town Sound, a new label in San Diego planning to release more of these infectious world beats, starting with the Yacoub record this summer.

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