Tuesday, June 22, 2021

Stevie Weinstein-Foner - Wondering

We first wrote about Stevie Weinstein-Foner at the beginning of May, when he shared the single "Good Medicine" (WYMA post here). At the time, I characterized it as Southern California folk rock, and I'll stick with that. This is a well-conceived and well-crafted album, featuring songs that run the whole way from pure acoustic folk ("I Just Can’t Wait") to roaring guitar rock ("Lionheart"), with a lot of great guitar sounds throughout. Weinstein-Foner even has a song about his guitar, a sweet tune called "My Friend Guitar" that features some of his best singing and an obligatory ripping electric guitar solo - having mentioned a couple of his heroes (Lou Reed and Neil), it would be rude not to give us a solo. 

The title track is an existential tour de force with some slinky, watery slide guitar sounds backing his plaintive vocal that quavers and almost, but never quite, cracks as Weinstein-Foner puts forth question after question, some in the form of koans, some just basic human queries - "who's gonna hold my hand when my heart is breaking?":
It's a beautiful, heartfelt song and clearly the album's centerpiece. Another high point, in addition to the already-shared "Good Medicine" is the confessional country song "I Feel You":

After all the wondering and philosophisizing, one thing is clear. It's clear the guy loves his work and loves sharing it with his friends and listeners. Check it out, listen to more songs and order it at one of the sites.

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