Tuesday, June 1, 2021

The Martial Arts - Getting Stranger By The Month EP


A few songs of retro guitar pop is like a coat of fresh paint for the soul. So line up and give your soul a shine with Getting Stranger By The Month. The EP is by The Martial Arts, the project of Glasgow musician Paul Kelly who also is a member of BMX Bandits, Teen Canteen, Dr. Cosmos Tape Lab and others. Past recordings include one album and several shorter releases, but there are rumors of a new album. We featured the most recent past EP on these pages (link) and were well impressed.

This EP has five songs that are sounds of joy, sunshine and positivity, presented with indie pop, new wave and glam elements. Technically, summer doesn't arrive in the Northern Hemisphere until later this month, but with Getting Stranger By The Month in our ears, we think it is here now.

The EP is available now in CD and digital formats via Last Night From Glasgow.

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