Wednesday, June 30, 2021

“Time Walk” and “Ambulance” by Bnny

Photo credit: Alexa Viscius

Bnny is a Chicago guitar rock band playing a lo-fi, reverb-heavy style with the breathy vocals of leader and vocalist Jess Viscius, a staccato rhythm section and some excellent guitar sounds. First song is "Time Walk", and it gets a lot done in 1:33. There are alternating guitar figures throughout the song, including a short but killer bent-strings solo right at the end. Check it out, and stay tuned for more; there's enough variety in just these two songs to pique the interest of any indie rock fan. Here is "Time Walk":

 And here is the second song released in advance, the super slowed-down "Ambulance":

 In addition to Jess Viscius, the band includes her twin sister Alexa Viscius, plus friends Tim Makowski, Matt Pelkey, and Adam Schubert. The album is due out in August - you can stream both of those songs now, and pre-order the album in a boatload of formats via Bnny's website or Bandcamp. Bnny Band website Everything by Bnny at Bandcamp

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