Saturday, June 12, 2021

Quivers - Golden Doubt

Golden Doubt is a jangle pop treasure from the southern hemisphere. Specifically, it is the work of Melbourne (formerly Tasmania) quartet Quivers. Initially, the disparate elements of the title of the album confused us. After a few listens, it seemed perfect to us as a collection of songs that represent a golden genre of pop expression combined with melancholy themes of uncertainties, complexities, and the risk of relationships. We are optimistic people, but life is complex -- we may start each morning hereafter by naming the day 'golden doubt'. But enough about us ...

In this ten-song album Quivers passes every test essential to a guitar pop band, and every nonessential test one can think of as well. The guitars are gorgeous, the harmonies sweet, and the rhythm section robust and driving. The lyrics are exceptionally well written with pointed observations, warmth, humor, and economy of expression. The first two songs (both of which are streamed below) are jangle pop gems, with "Gutters of Love" being one of our favorite songs of the year. The third track, "Hold You Back" couples clever wordplay with a a soulful swing replete with string accompaniment. After dialing back the intensity for the fourth track, the band displays its rock chops with "Chinese Medicine". Deft wordplay features again on  the fast-paced love song "You're Not Always On My Mind". The powerful songwriting is no better evidenced than by the reflective "Videostores", in which the serious themes are balanced by a fulsome arrangement and soaring choruses. The country washed "Laughing Waters" is not streamed below only because we try to limit ourselves to three per album; it is a treasure.

Golden Doubt is the work of a band that knows who they are, knows (or should know) that what they are is very good. Get this album and you will love it for a long, long time.

Quivers are Sam Nicholson, Bella Quinlan, Michael Panton, and Holly Thomas. Golden Doubt is out now via Spunk Records (Australia/NZ), Bobo Integral (Europe), and Ba Da Bing (North America/UK).



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