Monday, June 7, 2021

Negative Nancies - HEATWAVE

I have always felt that referring to a band's music as 'defying description' was a lazy approach to music writing, because everything can be described, right? Well, yeah. But then there are Negative Nancies. It isn't that one can't come up with descriptors for the Dunedin trio's music, it's just that one needs many descriptors and none of them apply to every song on their recent album HEATWAVE. It is music that is organic in creation, punk in spirit and style. But it also is adventuresome and intriguing. So the offered description 'art punk' is probably more accurate than anything else. It is varied and manic, although purposeful in the execution. It is the sound of a band that only creates to please themselves, and in doing so manages to please the listener. And this might seem entirely out of left field, but if I were to choose a musical ancestor for Negative Nancies, it would be The Monks (with better haircuts and equipment). And yes, that is intended as a high compliment.

Negative Nancies are Tess Mackay (keys/vocals), Emilie Smith (drums/vocals), and Mick Elborado (guitar/vocals). HEATWAVE is out now via Dunedin's Fishrider Records (and Occultation Records in the UK).

Bandcamp for HEATWAVE (Fishrider Records)

Bandcamp for HEATWAVE (Occultation Records)

Fishrider Records

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