Sunday, June 13, 2021

"Be My Maybe" / "David Bowie" by The Bordellos

Song obsession alert: "Be My Maybe" is on infinite replay in my house today. I might need an intervention, but I'm not inclined to call for help yet. The heart-damaged beauty is by UK trio The Bordellos. Based in St Helens, which is a few miles east of Liverpool for those keeping track, The Bordellos have an extensive catalog that I now intend to dive into with relish. But first I need to get my fill of "Be My Baby". And just for the record, the breezy flip side "David Bowie" is the perfect complement to "Be My Baby -- sparse, simple, concise, and really different in most every way except that it is birthed by the same musical talents. And that is more than sufficient. 

The double A-side is out now via Sydney's Metal Postcard Records.



Bandcamp for single

Bandcamp for other releases by The Bordellos

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