Friday, December 27, 2013

Introducing: Girl One and the Grease Guns

Girl One and the Grease Guns have a great sound reminiscent of early electro-rock bands and an interesting visual style in composing their videos.  I think the name is pretty good as well.  I don't know much more about them as I suspect the group members' names - Sissy Space Echo, Warren Betamax, Charles Bronson Burner and Bruce LeeFax - were selected some time after Christening.  The UK's Squirrel Records has the honor of bringing the band's music to the world and have released three 7" recordings so far.  Here is the video for the April release, "Driving Without Headlights (Once Again)".

"Jessica 6"

Imagine Manhattan Love Suicides repurposed as a subversive synth pop band.  It is glorious if you try.

This was their debut -

Artist page at Squirrel Records

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John Hyland said...

Scott, this is kind of wonderful. Shows there are a number of ways to get the girl group wall of sound...