Tuesday, December 10, 2013

"Sing / Hum" from Surf Bored

We introduced our readers to Surf Bored in mid-October (here) when the band released free track "The Urge".  Phase two of the four-piece's plan to conquer the pop music world has commenced with the release of another "name your price" track, "Sing / Hum".  The combination of sunny surf pop and soulful southern-accented vocals is a winning one.  The band plans a 2014 album release via This Is American Music, but for now you can enjoy "Sing / Hum" and "The Urge".

Surf Bored members are Jack Blauvelt (drums, omniharp and harmonica; from Dana Swimmer), John Riccetelli (lead guitar; from Dana Swimmer), Danny Hurley (backing vocals), and T.J. Mimbs (rhythm guitar and omniharp; from The District Attorneys).  All four members provide vocals.

To save you the trouble of looking for it, here is the October release.

This Is American Music

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