Friday, December 20, 2013

Friday Nuggets - Johnny Thunder "I'm Alive"

Johnny Thunder, from Florida, later lived in New York (not to be confused with punk legend Johnny Thunders), and was a touring member of The Drifters and Ink Spots. While thought of as an R&B or blues singer, he put out a great single in 1969 written by Tommy James that is a perfect combo of '60's garage rock and soul music.

Here it is, "I'm Alive":

I discovered the song only this week when I saw this mind-blowing video of stunt snow skiing in downtown Detroit. These guys out jackass Jackass! The whole video is amazingly well done. The soundtrack, including the Johnny Thunder song "I'm Alive" (kicks in at the 7:52 mark), is only part of its brilliance.

 Johnny Thunder still performs today at age 80, mainly on luxury cruise ships.

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