Tuesday, December 31, 2013

REVIEW: Mark Martyre - London

Toronto singer-songwriter Mark Martyre creates poignant stories, and adorns them with just the right amount of accompaniment.  Mark's 2012 release, Down, Record, impressed me (link), so I was pleased when he followed it up with this year's London.  After multiple spins, I think this is about the best late night music I've heard this year.  With poetic lyrics, a touch of guitar, piano, violin, cello and accordion, and Mark's velvet and gravel vocals, the songs swirl around you like pages of your life ripped from your diary and reinterpreted for a new day.

Mark describes his music as folk music, so I'll live with that description.  However, it would be most unfortunate if his work was dismissed by those who have a narrow view of folk music.  Consider the guy your troubadour, your new inner voice, your invisible buddy -- whatever.  Just don't ignore him.  London is a very good listen.



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