Sunday, December 15, 2013

REVIEW: Fuzz - Fuzz

What is a year in music without several Ty Segall projects with different vibes?  Well, an unusual year, to be sure.  And a bit emptier as well.   This fall California's most prolific garage rocker joined up with long time friends Charlie Moothart and Roland Cosio to explore their heavy rock side as Fuzz.  Unexpectedly, Segall moves to the drum kit, Moothart plays guitar and Cosio provides the bass.  Ty and Charlie both contribute vocals.  The fruits of their labor are the eight tracks comprising Fuzz.  The mood is heavy and the sound is heavy.  The trio has fused heavy rock, metal, progressive rock and a bit of blues rock into a sonic assault that I find both intriguing and cathartic.  A great introduction is "Loose Sutures".

Yes, a bit of Black Sabbath, perhaps some Blue Cheer and some hints of early Steamhammer

Fuzz is scuzzy, fuzzy, psychedelic and full of sonic power.  There is a nod to punk in the vocals, but otherwise this album unspools as the next logical step of '60s and '70s heavy rock.  Ty Segall fans should like it because it is another interesting chapter in Ty's musical journey.  Heavy rock fans should like it for the simple reason that it is good heavy rock of a type not often produced these days.  Get some Fuzz, kids - make your holidays   loud.

Fuzz is out now via In The Red Record.

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