Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Southern - Southern EP

Siblings Lucy and Thom Southern have recently relocated from Belfast to Liverpool.  With the addition of drummer Jack Prince they record and perform as Southern.  Marathon Artists is releasing their self-titled, four-song EP on December 9.  The record features the urgent, swampy folk of "World Don't Shine", the rocking "Just Think About It" and "Cool Kid", and the more ramshackle  blues of "Shout It".  Their music will bring to mind a bit of Fleetwood Mac or The White Stripes.  And while the kids look sweet, their tunes are crafted smartly and hit pretty hard.  And the bottom line is that these four tracks reveal an unusual talent for both melody and musical storytelling.  That should take them far.

If you are interested in getting on the Southern train as it leaves the station, check out the link for the label below.  Marathon artist also releases Jagwar Ma and Courtney Barnett in the UK, so they seem to have a nose for talent.

Marathon Artists

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