Thursday, December 12, 2013

Video: Nick Jaina, "Don't Come To Me" (from the CD Primary Perception)

This video came to my attention this week via the Portland ballet circles that my daughter travels in. But you say - ballet?! - hold on man, we come to WYMA for the rock.

But we have eclectic tastes here at WYMA and cover a great deal of fantastic indie pop and singer-songwriter fare like Nick Jaina from Portland. Jaina's sixth and most recent CD Primary Perception is excellent.

In thinking about a video for one of the standout tracks from Primary Perception, "Don't Come To Me," Jaina got interested in the idea of incorporating dance and movement, a medium with which he has worked before.  So he enlisted the help of one of Portland's best dancers, Candace Bouchard, from the Oregon Ballet Theater, who has choreographed various dance performances in rock music clubs set to live rock music. The entire story behind the video is well worth reading here.

I like everything about this.

Read more about Jaina and purchase Primary Perception for just $6.74 at the web site of his fine Portland based record company, Fluff and Gravy Records.

Artist page:
Twitter: @NickJaina
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