Thursday, December 19, 2013

Trick Mammoth releases Floristry

If Floristry was released in 2013, I would gush about it being one of the best debut LPs of the year, and a clear top 20, for me.  Instead, I'll warn you that I will be providing a full review in mid-January in advance of its official January 31 release date.  So why write about it at all now?  Because Trick Mammoth is yielding to the demands of an eager fan base, and providing an advance digital release to coincide with their show on December 20.  Thus, the album now is available on the band's Bandcamp page.

Dunedin, New Zealand's Trick Mammoth are Adrian Ng (guitars, vocals, bass), Millie Lovelock (vocals, guitar, bass), and Sam Valentine (drums, bass).  Their sweet spot is jangling guitar pop and dreamy noise pop.  This fall the band released two of the album tracks, "Delphine (With A Purpose)" and "Pinker Sea", which understandably piqued interest in the album.  We posted them a few months ago (link), so we will highlight a few other tracks here.  "Baltimore" was among the early demos from the band (along with album tracks "Pinker Sea" and Vesper II), and it sold me on the trio's talent --

But it is with some of the more recent songs that I think Trick Mammoth reveals their, well, mammoth potential (some puns almost write themselves).  Two that have become stuck in my head for weeks are "Days Of Being Wild" and "Cold Dalmatian".  The first has a great melody, fast tempo and wonderful shared vocals by Adrian and Millie--

"Cold Dalmatian" is sweet melancholy and completely captivating.

And yes, if you are a regular reader of these pages, you've read these names before.  Millie also is in Astro Children and Sam in in Males.  Adrian also has a project called Mavis Gary, which we will discuss soon.  Clearly, the talent pool is deep in Dunedin.

Floristry is released by Fishrider Records.  In the UK, it will be released by Fishrider in conjunction with Occultation Recordings.

Fishrider Records

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