Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Summer Soundtrack: The History of Apple Pie

Unsigned London band The History of Apple Pie is a perfect addition to our mini Summer Soundtrack series. They feature a great indie sound with female vocals and uptempo melodies. The band consists of Stephanie Min (Vocals), Jerome Watson (Guitar), James Thomas (Drums), Kelly Owens (Bass and Backing Vocals), and Aslam Ghauri (Guitar). The single, "You're So Cool", was released on Roundtable Records in June.

"Science for the Young"

While the above tracks show the band's twee side, the following two versions of a couple of their songs demonstrate the ability of The History of Apple Pie to make some noise. The first is a chugging indie pop number called "Tug". The second is from a festival performance.

The History Of Apple Pie - Tug by The History Of Apple Pie


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