Monday, July 18, 2011

New Sounds of Scotland-Part 19: Will Hanson; The Barents Sea

Will Hanson creates atmospheric and intense music with engaging pop sensibility. You'll probably hear elements of Nick Cave, The Delgados, Mazzy Star, Jeff Buckley and Portishead, all of which are among the many influences he cites in connection with his new album, Moving A Body, which will be released on August 22 by 12/26 Music. In advance of the album Will is releasing a double A-side, "Deathbed Conversion / The View From Ebury Bridge"

Hanson originally is from London, and spent time in New York as well. But sometime after the breakup of his former band, Proxy, he moved to Glasgow. I'm not familiar with Hanson's prior work, but I'm impressed with both songs on the double A-side.

"The UnGodly Hour"
The UnGodly Hour by Will Hanson


The Barents Sea is a post punk band from Perth, Scotland. The members are Grant George (vocals & guitar), Tom Mitchell (lead guitar), Kieran Andrews (bass) and Steve Cairns (drums). The band issued a free release in 2009. They released a single, "O’ Brother Of Mine", in 2010, and are working on an album and touring. Meanwhile, they will be giving away a free single "Born in a Ghost Town" in August. Here is a live version of that upcoming single.

"O’ Brother Of Mine", the debut single.


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