Monday, July 11, 2011

Screaming Guitar Discovery: Screaming Females

New to me, so you get to read a post about this New Jersey punk band, Screaming Females. Lead singer and guitarist is a female, not really screaming but certainly laying it all out there... Here's a live video of "Mothership"... 58 views, are you kidding me? Tell all your friends to watch this lady play the guitar.

Here's a download of "I Don't Mind It" from their most recent album Castle Talk, available via their website, where you can (should) buy this record. And here's another MP3, "I Do" from an EP called Singles, which also contains a cover of Cortez the Killer. Awesome. Maybe I'll get tired of their sound, but I doubt it. Punk rock with screaming guitars is pretty much the apex of civilization.

Also, here's some art created by the band for you to put in your punk rock cave:

Screaming Females Website

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