Wednesday, July 13, 2011

New Discovery: Fair Ohs

We bloggers are a hard working, underpaid crew--If it weren't for the money and groupies, we probably wouldn't even do it. So we really love groups that make our job easier. A case in point are Fair Ohs. This band's webpage even has a place for bloggers to click, and it leads them to a "blog tools" page. And from this resource, we learn that Fair Ohs are Eddy Frankel (guitars and vocals), Matt Flag (bass) and Joe Ryan (drums), and they are based in London. The band has a new single, the video for which is below, called "Everything Is Dancing", and it is available free at their website (link below). Fair Ohs are releasing their album in the states the last week of July on Lefserecords; it has been available in the UK since last week on High Honey Records (i.e. the band's own label).

Everything Is Dancing from Fair Ohs on Vimeo.

A think one term applied to Fair Ohs' music is tropical post punk, with a lot of the tropical supplied by African guitar influences. The band started two years ago as Big Fucking Deal, then became known as Thee Fair Ohs, but subsequently dropped the "thee". According to the label, Everything is Dancing "is influenced by West African funk, 60’s Psycheldic Rock, Eritrean Guayla music, hardcore punk and East African guitar music, and a whole heap of Fleetwood Mac". I personally think those influences are absolutely fine, but more to the point, the music is wonderful. We can only hope that the youthful fling with name modification has come to an end, and Fair Ohs will settle down in a stable band relationship to nurture young recordings for our pleasure.

The first track on the album is "Baldessari":

Here is album track "Almost Island":

"Summer Lake", the album closer:

US Label for album

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