Saturday, July 2, 2011

Henry Clay People: This Is a Desert, New EP out now

Glad to see some new music from this California band. They've put out two of my favorite records of the last couple of years: For Cheap Or For Free and Somewhere On the Golden Coast, and their ability to walk the line between a laid-back slacker ethos and rocking out is rare and delightful.

If you aren't familiar, give this a listen and go check out their first two records too... very highly recommended by the whole team at WYMA, if I recall correctly.

Here's a video featuring what looks like a real fistfight between the brothers in the band, set to one of their new songs, "The Winter Song":

The Henry Clay People - THE WINTER SONG from vbkid on Vimeo.

And here's an opportunity to hear and download "California Wildfire":

Factoid for today: Did you know that HCP are on the same record label as Radiohead?

Henry Clay People Website (Links to Facebook, Twitter and online store)

TBD Records Website

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