Saturday, July 30, 2011

Midnight World Pop Scout-25: Trwbador; Clams Casino; Top Girls

Tonight we visit Wales, New Jersey and North Carolina. Actually, you do. I've already listened to them and I'm going to run the Torchlight 8K.

Trwbador is a Welsh band consisting of Owain Gwilym and Angharad Van Rijswijk. They call their music folktronica. Trwbador have released two EPs, It Snowed A Lot This Year and Sun In The Winter EP. Their sound is a precocious wide-eyed wonder kind of pop.

Sun In The Winter EP by Trwbador

Clams Casino is the performance name used by Mike Volpe, from New Jersey, whose primary fame is in building backing tracks for rappers. However, he now is becoming known for his own more chilled out tracks consisting of his own beats and samples of other artists. He recently released the Rainforest EP on Tri Angle, and not long ago he released Instrumental Mixtape.

"She's Hot", from Mixtape

"Treetop", from Rainforest

"Waterfalls", from Rainforest


Top Girls is Evan from North Carolina, and he makes ambient, electronic, gaze pop, and soul music. What do all those terms mean, especially when mashed together? Click the play button below and find out.

Rise, released this month.

Attraction, released in June 2010.


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