Tuesday, July 5, 2011

New Music/Art Discovery: René Breton - Asleep in Green

René Breton is a project of Nashville residents Ryan Hurtgen (Lead Vocals, Piano) and Tobin Sio (Drums, Percussion), and in addition to the music, they've added art and the written word as part of the package. From their website: Asleep In Green is a composite, conceptual experience of insight and sound. Twelve songs, twelve short stories, and twelve drawings meld to take us on a modern, surrealist journey, which represents the subconscious mind during sleep. Visualized by René Breton’s Ryan Hurtgen, Asleep In Green inspires us to delve into the depths of self-reflection without an intended agenda. It invites each of us to get lost in its fantastical ideas of abstract fiction and subjectively experience its creative body as a personalized, waking dream.

I'm sorry, I really don't qualify as an art critic (hell, I'm not even a music critic), but the music is very good.

Here's "Botswana":

And here is the video for "Song For an Ancestral Alien". I really like the steel guitar in this one:

It's unusual and definitely rewards repeated listening... for example, check out the guitars when they get going on "Fifth Ace of Anchors" at René Breton Page at Iconic Music, layering in some keyboards and violins on the outro. You can listen to the whole thing, and if you like it, check out their website, they have several ways for you to buy:

René Breton Website

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