Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Summer Soundtrack: The Black Tambourines


You don't generally expect to find a surf band in Falmouth, UK, although if Brooklyn can have surf bands the Cornwall coast should be entitled to one as well. And you don't generally expect to find out about a surf band from a music blog based in Edinburgh (in this case, Matthew Young's Song By Toad). But here we are, discussing The Black Tambourines from Falmouth after I "discovered" them in Matthew's blog. First, a word about the terminology to describe the music. I don't think the music really is "surf music". The band calls their songs "beach punk", and that seems to be a pretty good term. There are indie pop, noise pop, crunchy power pop, buzzy garage and slacker rock elements, as well as a bit of surf. But whether you adopt that term or just call it surf music, it simply is good summer music that deserves exposure to as many ears as possible. (One note about the name, this is a new band, not a resurrection of the 1980s noise pop band, Black Tambourines.)

I've provided a lot of their music here. As far as I know, it is all the music they have released. If you don't have time for all of it right now, listen to "Let Me Down" from the Black Tambourine EP (which is the second of the two EPs below, as it is as fine an indie pop tune as you've heard in a good while. And on the first EP below, "Better Off Dead" is classic powerpop. I hear a bit of Orange Juice (especially with the slight warble in the lead vocals) and The Vaselines, but certainly more disciplined than the latter.

The Hombre EP was uploaded to Soundcloud about six months ago. Press play and keep reading (assuming you can simultaneously read, nod your head and tap your foot; air guitar is optional).

Hombre EP by The Black Tambourines

The band consists of Jake Willbourne, vocalist and bass, Paddy Staccpoole, vocalist and guitar, Jim Sibley, drums, and Josh Spencer, guitar. Apparently the guys met in the Truro College music program, and started gigging around Cornwall. Their first EP was recorded in a week.

The Black Tambourines EP is about a year and a half old.

And just for something chill, here is an acoustic version of their song "Vitamin D", which the band labels as Hawaiian:

Vitamin D (acoustic) by The Black Tambourines

Between the Bandcamp, Soundcloud and Blogger sites, their music is there for the downloading. Since the boys are generous and good, let as many of your friends hear The Black Tambourines this summer. It is the least you can do. Why these kids aren't signed to full tours and recording under contract, I really don't know. Perhaps I should start a label....

One of their surfier songs, "Tommy":

Band Blogger site


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