Tuesday, September 25, 2012

REVIEW: Sacre Noir - Sinking Into Darkness

Edinburgh's Sacre Noir are purveyors of dark electronica and rhythm and blues, with beefy bass and other lower register notes and the haunting vocals of Carrie Beattie.  This summer they released their second album, Sinking Into Darkness, on Savage Recordings, and they have been touring Europe to support the release.  The songs are an accomplished blend of lo-fi industrial and slightly sleazy blues, making it a great album for the night time.  Although no one will mistake these tunes as campfire songs, you may want to sing along.  But whether you are singing, shivering in unease or dancing, you likely will find it compelling.

"She Can't Take It" --

Sacre Noir is Carrie Beattie, Alexis Beattie, and Phil Lock, although other artist collaborate from time to time.  The band is quite experimental in the studio, and uses loops, samples, field recordings and found percussion to flesh out their sound.

Sinking into Darkness was recorded at Savage Studios in Edinburgh.

Savage Recordings

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