Monday, September 3, 2012

Lee "Scratch" Perry/The Orb - The Observer in the Star House

The Observer in the Star House is a collaboration of famed reggae producer Lee "Scratch" Perry and electronic music masters The Orb.  The result is a collection of well-crafted electronic canvasses, with a base in ambient house and an infusion of dub effects, over which Perry weaves his unique magic.  At a time when too many artists are trying to distinguish themselves doing what others are doing, but trying to do it better, The Observer in the Star House is a refreshing sonic breeze.  Track "Hold Me Upsetter" is available free from The Orb website (link below) --

The triumph of this album is that, despite the presence of one of the true masters of reggae and dub, The Orb eschews the temptation to make a focused dub reggae album.  And despite the collaborators seeming incongruities, the evidence is that the sessions brought out the best of both parties.

At age 75, Perry can still elicit awe, and can still cause some to question his grasp or reality.  But for us, there really is only one concern, and that is whether he can still communicate through his music.  And quite clearly, he can.

"Golden Clouds" --

We're seriously into this album at the Rocksteady ranch, and it is available today.  Join the party!

The Orb

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