Friday, September 7, 2012

Premiere of Sam Russell's video for "Too Far In The South"

On October 30, Seattle's Sam Russell will release The Year of the Cow, the sixth edition of his Blue Moon Bible collection of eight-song albums with interconnected themes and characters.  A less raucous set of songs than the previous five in the series, we will post a full review of the new album when nearer to the release date.

After completing the album, Sam filmed his performance of each of the songs from the album at Studio V in Seattle.  Sam intends to release these performances in the weeks leading up to and through the release of the The Year of the Cow.  Today, When You Motor Away is honored to premiere the video -for Sam's performance of  "Too Far in the South".  While the song appears on  The Year of the Cow, on the album the lead vocals for the song are provided by Kate Noson.  The performance here simply is Sam and his acoustic guitar, with Michael Spaly playing the fiddle off-screen.  The video simply is a great showcase for a stellar song and a wonderful delivery.  Enjoy!

The video was filmed at Studio V, directed and edited by Lulu Gargiulo, and recorded by Charles Bork, Michael Spaly and Conrad Uno.

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