Saturday, September 15, 2012

REVIEW: The Hermit Crabs - Time Relentless EP

The Time Relentless EP is the first recorded output from Scotland's beloved The Hermit Crabs since 2009.  For those not familiar with the band, they produce a shimmering indie pop/folk pop that may remind the listener of fellow Scots Camera Obscura and Belle and Sebastian.

The first of the four tracks on Time Relentless EP  is the upbeat "On the Spectrum" -- a song based on the comparison of two relationships.  Vocals, chords, keys, guitar picking -- this song packs about as much indie pop goodness in three minutes as you could imagine.  I expect that it's choice as the opener was deliberate, as is ably dismisses any possible doubts as to whether THC have returned in top form.

"On the Spectrum" is followed by the wistful title track, the lyrics of which are supplied by a poem written by a Scottish cyclist.  The tune begins in a slow tempo, but soon the chiming guitars and soaring keys take over.

The third track, "Stop This Now", is available now as a free download.

The EP closes with "So Blue".  With a slower tempo and a theme of helping a friend in need, it is a fitting closer to a sweet indie pop triumph.

The members of The Hermit Crabs are Mel (vocals/guitar), John (lead guitar), Chris (bass) and Jo (keys/violin).  Time Relentless EP is out now on Matinee Recordings.

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