Monday, September 10, 2012

New Discovery: Agent Ribbons - Let Them Talk EP, out 9/11

Agent Ribbons is an Austin-based duo playing an engaging style of rock music... someplace where Liz Phair's vocals receive a Spectorish wall of sound treatment, and raw, jangly garage-rock guitars get a little extra dose of reverb. The music is well-made, and striking in both its uniqueness and its similarity to other off-center noise pop or surf rock you already enjoy.

They're pretty heavy on drama and general theatricality, for more about that check out this video for the lead track "Family Haircut":

And here they are playing the song live at SXSW:

You may like the theatricality, or like me, you may just like the music. I'm impressed with all the sound they get from one guitar, a drum kit and two voices... and that's really what kept me coming back to this record. Here's a link to download "Family Haircut".

And if you like it, I'll just tell you that it's certainly representative of the whole record. They're good songwriters who have a way with a hook and clever wordplay. It's out September 11 (tomorrow) on Antenna Farm Records. This EP is a precursor for a full-length record due out in 2013.

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